Tips for Longer Lashes

I was born with stubby sparse eyelashes, exactly the opposite of this picture.  In order to give my fringe the optical illusion of extreme length and volume, I’ve learned how to use makeup to create a long lash effect.  Therefore, I have put together a list of makeup tips that have dramatic effects on the length and volume of my lashes.  I hope you can find them as beneficial as I have. [click to continue…]

How to Get Longer Lashes


We’ve all seen the commercials and the advertisements that promise longer eye lashes. Some take longer than others. Some require a prescription.  But all offer the same promise.  It goes something along the lines of “Longer lashes in X amount of time. Guaranteed!” This promise is accompanied by a picture of a beautiful woman with such glamorous lashes that you know you have to buy it now. But nobody ever tells you what the reality of growing out your lashes really means or even what some of the potential health risks there might be. That part is usually hidden with some small print inside the box, if at all.

The Reality of Growing Longer Lashes

Eyelashes frame the face, or so they say. And without lashes that stand out many women just don’t feel like they can be as attractive as they need to be. Besides, what a woman can do with a full set of lashes, let’s face it, is very impressive.

Falsies are fun and have their place, but nothing beats a natural set of long eyelashes. But trying to grow them via the application of some kind of cream or ingesting some medication or even, in some instances, taking injections can downright harmful. Side effects range from redness and irritations all the way to the potential of permanently changing the color of your eye or even losing your eyelashes altogether.

These are dangers and risks that you should always consider and investigate when looking for a new body enhancement. Every person is different, so what doesn’t work for one might work just fine for another. Expectations and knowledge are the keys discovery so be very careful when choosing a product.

Here Are Some Tips

Medicines are great and have their place, but if you could accomplish the same effect without giving your money over to the pharmaceutical industry wouldn’t that be a much better idea? Here are some natural ways to grow out your lashes:

Use Common Oils

Some common natural lubricants that people use to promote growth include vitamin E,  coconut, olive, and almond oils, as well as petroleum jelly. Apply these before you go to bed after you have taken off all of your makeup. Gently rub a very small amount onto your lashes then use a clean eyelash brush to coast every follicle. When you wake up, rinse out the oil before you apply fresh makeup.  You still need to be careful though, even these have been known to cause irritations in some. Also the oils could leave residue on your pillow cases overnight.

cucumberEat the Right Foods

Don’t forget about nutrition. What you eat directly affects your body’s appearance and resilience. Eat more vegetables and fruit to get the proteins that promote hair growth – not just the eyelashes. When your nails get brittle it is almost always because of what you eat. The same brittleness applies to your lashes. Getting the proper nutrition is essential for healthy looking skin, nails, and even eyelashes.

Limit Your Makeup

You’ve hear the cliché ”less is more”, well with makeup this is always the case, especially around the eyes. Too much makeup will clog the pores and will block the skin from properly being able to breath or repair itself. Actually, when you glob on your mascara or cake on the makeup it ultimately will damage those areas if used consistently over long periods of time in that way. Try reducing to a bare minimum, or even better, not using any eye products for a day or two every week. Your eyelashes will love you for it and in no time at all they will grow fuller and longer all by themselves.

Remember: When removing your makeup gently rug your eyelashes. If you are too aggressive with them, not only will you damage the surrounding delicate skin, but you will ultimately pull out some of your lashes. A gentile wipe is all you need.


Use Products That Are Paraben-free

One of the most promising ways is to use paraben-free products made from many of the same natural ingredients that we’ve already mentioned. Paraben-free means that your eyes will not have any irritations. By using these types of serums you will not only be nourishing the tissues around your eye, making them younger in appearance,  you will in turn be promoting longer lash growth. The essential proteins, vitamins, and other rejuvenating ingredients included will also give them moisture, elasticity and a gorgeous shine.

Thicker, Longer, Stronger, Healthier Lashes

There are many products touting ways to grow longer lashes. There is only one that can clinically show you how it does so. Stop getting frustrated with marketing gimmicks and discover a true and safe way of growing your lashes in 4 weeks or less. Proven!

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Causes for Thinning Eyelashes

Eyelashes are a prominent and advantageous trait of physical beauty, and are associated with health and attractiveness.  Thick and long eyelashes are not only considered a sign of beauty, but are also considered a sign of youth and vitality.  Women across all cultural backgrounds have coveted long, thick eyelashes since the beginning of time, and have employed a vast number of techniques to mimic noticeably long eyelashes.

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Lash Growth Serums That Work

The union of science and cosmetics affords us the ability to manipulate and beautify our genetics.  With a little less than an extra minute a day, application of an eyelash growth serum can give you the feathered fringed you’ve always coveted.  But which one of the multitudes of serums touted all over the web actually gives results?

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